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With Stablesats, you control your exposure to bitcoin's volatility. Hold, send and receive money in either bitcoin or USD-equivalent Stablesats Dollars.

Bitcoin is a really deep subject to learn about. So we've designed an education section to get you started. Earn some satoshis (the smallest unit of bitcoin) as you learn!

Whether you're selling products and services, accepting donations or receiving sats from friends and family, the app has a simple method for you. Learn more in the For Merchants section.

The merchant map allows you to locate and pay merchants that accept bitcoin in your area. Are you a merchant that wants to be listed? Reach out to

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This step-by-step tutorial will have you sending and receiving satoshis in no time.

Said about us

BTCPay Server
Get ready to use #Bitcoin for payments at @BitcoinAtlantis!

Together with @Bitcoinize and @blinkbtc we are rolling out Point of Sales for all vendors at the conference.

Those new to Bitcoin will use @theboltcard and be happy - tap to pay and instantly settle over lightning!
Kal Kassa
Yes, I love the simple UI
but @blinkbtc has been growing on me
Joe Nakamoto
what did you settle on?

Fwiw I find telling them to do the lessons on @blinkbtc one of the best ways.

It’s gameable and they earn sats.

Not a podcast but let’s be honest, podcast hosts shill crap products all the time, sadly.
Forever Laura
I chose @blinkbtc as the wallet for everyone to download because it’s simply the best: ease of login, ease of use, excellent performance + the 'earn by learn' session and the map are the cherry on the cake (if you disagree you never orange pilled people on the street)
Paco de la India
If this was the vision of Satoshi, then this project is the proof that #bitcoin is for everyone! Over 15 circular economies using bitcoin, as all are unbanked. We bought food to stay to Machu Picchu to gifts to massage, all was paid using @blinkbtc
This is the best project! (@MotivPeru)
Nicki & James in El Salvador
Daily driver @blinkbtc
Self custody @PhoenixWallet
Connecting to my node @ZeusLN
Connecting my lnbits @bluewalletio
Student of Bitcoin
It's only been 2 days in Uganda and we've already onboarded 6 (biz and individuals)

@blinkbtc has become my go to wallet since the 'earn' as you learn is a great onboarding experience for a curious newcomer.

Looking forward to onboarding more through the road trip!
First "Roatan Bitcoin Day" success was paying our bus driver Henry with #Bitcoin for driving us the whole day around the island. Fresh sats to his @blinkbtc wallet
Isaac Hanekamp
Paying the bill is actually fun at @LakeBitcoin.

Using @blinkbtc of course.
Efrat Fenigson
“But you can’t buy anything with #Bitcoin!”

Watch me & my @blinkbtc wallet.

If you build it they will come.

* Video by @Son_of_a_Pigeon - give him a follow! @BitcoinAtlantis @FREEMadeiraOrg

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