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Learn more about our integration with BTCpay. The Blink plugin aims to make Lightning payments easy. Developed through a community-driven bounty, this is a prime example of what we achieve together in the open-source bitcoin world.
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At Blink, our primary objective is to elevate the Bitcoin payment experience for both users and merchants alike. We have recognized that one significant challenge faced by many businesses utilizing BTCPay Server is the intricacy involved in integrating Lightning Network transactions into their operations. This issue has prompted us to focus on finding innovative solutions to simplify the process and make it more accessible for everyone

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  • Install: Begin by adding the Blink Plugin to your BTCPay Server, ensuring it's version 1.12.1 or higher.
  • Select Bitcoin or Stablesats: In your Blink mobile app, specify your default account – choose between Bitcoin or Stablesats. 
  • Key Generation: Create a read-only Blink API key via your Blink dashboard. This is a crucial security feature. The read-only nature of the key means that even if you use Blink on a third-party BTCPay Server instance, your funds remain secure. Even in the hands of a malicious server admin, your funds cannot be moved, offering you peace of mind. 
  • Link Up: Finally, connect your Blink account to your BTCPay Server Store. Navigate to ‘Lightning > Settings > Custom Node’ and enter your Blink API key with the connection string “type=blink;api-key=blink_YOURKEY

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Case studies

The Blink plugin is being use to facilitate the implementation of bitcoin Lightning payments not only for individuals, but also for organizations.

At Bitcoin Atlantis we powered over 8,750 transactions totaling 2.029416 BTC ($115,100€) in just 3 days! We streamlined payments for 18 merchants across 60 POS devices, highlighting the potential of Lightning for great payment UX.

Learn more about the case study here:

Bitcoinize at Bitcoin Atlantis running BTCpay with Blink plugin

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