Blink is an easy to use, reliable and feature-rich custodial Lightning wallet for everyday payments.

Play the video "21-second onboarding"
Great first wallet

Fast, easy onboarding

Start receiving bitcoin in seconds, whether you register an account with your phone number or you start off with a trial account.
Receive sats in three taps with trial account
Phone number setup for more features & security
Volatility protection with your dollar account

Stablesats Dollars

Use Bitcoin without worrying about short-term volatility. When you hold money in your dollar account, the value of that account will always stay the same in dollar (USD) terms, even as the Bitcoin price fluctuates.
Fully interoperable with Lightning invoices
Set your Dollar or BTC account as your default
Convert from your Dollar or Bitcoin instantly.
Blink wallet home screen showing bitcoin account and Stablesats Dollar account
Great for merchants

Many ways to get paid

Blink makes receiving bitcoin simple whether you sell products in person, receive remittances or donations from abroad, or simply send sats between friends.
Lightning Address – like an email for receiving sats!
Lightning Cash Register – a Point of Sale web app
Paycode – A QR for online or in person payments
Blink wallet showing ways to get paid in bitcoin: Lightning Address, Lightning Cash Register POS, Printable Paycode
20+ languages, 50+ display currencies

View in your language and currency

The list of available translations in Blink grows every week, so you can learn about and use Bitcoin in your native language. You can also choose which currency to display your balances and invoices in.
Want to add or support a translation? Join the chat!
Don't see your currency? Request via Telegram
Blink wallet is translated to many languages, and enables you to view balances in your preferred currency

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