Use Bitcoin without the volatility. Stablesats is like a Dollar stablecoin, but cheaper, faster and interoperable with the Lightning Network - using nothing but Bitcoin and markets!
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Like a stablecoin, but better!

Stablesats Overview

Bitcoin's price volatility is generally beneficial as it improves the purchasing power of Bitcoin over time. However, for those using Bitcoin for everyday expenses, the volatility can pose challenges. To address this, we introduced Stablesats.

Stablesats represent “synthetic dollars” (where $1 in Stablesats equals $1 USD worth of satoshis) and can be seamlessly sent, received, and held within the Blink wallet. Utilizing Stablesats provides a stablecoin-like experience without the additional expenses and complexities often associated with stablecoins.

Receive synthetic USD through Lightning

Receive Stablesats

Receive Bitcoin on Stablesats and get rid of the volatility:

Ideal for merchants
Receive through Lightning or On-chain

To Receive on your Stablesats account:

1. Select the "Receive" option
2. Tap "Stablesats" on the top right
3. Share your QR code or address
Receive USD through Lightning
Convert Bitcoin to USD with Stablecoins in Blink wallet
Convert your money


Now you can convert your Bitcoin to Stablesats instantly:

Instant Conversion
You decide when to expose your money to volatility
Stablesats conversion – 0.2% spread, no fees
There are multiple ways to send between your BTC and Stablesats accounts:
1. Tap “Convert” (not available in all versions)
2. Tap “Send” and enter your own username
3. Create an invoice from one account and pay from the other
Send Bitcoin without volatility

Send Stablesats

Keep your money out of the volatility and transact with Stablesats. When you pay a lightning invoice, your stablesats get converted instantly to bitcoin and delivered to the recipient:

Easy and fast
Low transactions fee

To send money from your Stablesats account you need to:

1. Scan or enter the recipient address
2. Select your Stablesats account in the "From" section
Send USD with Stablesats Gif Blink Wallet
Know your custodian

Understand the risks

The only way to store value with no counterparty risk is to hold bitcoin in cold storage according to best practices. All other means of transacting and storing value, including Stablesats, involves some level of risk. To offer the ability to protect funds in your Blink wallet from volatility, Stablesats utilizes the bitcoin derivatives market, specifically a "perpetual inverse swap," relying on exchanges for contract execution. In the event of negative occurrences on the Exchange, collateral Bitcoin may become unrecoverable and the funds held in your Stablesats account could be lost or caught in legal proceedings.

To mitigate these risks, the Blink and Galoy teams conduct ongoing monitoring, improvements, and risk assessments aimed at reducing the inherent risks associated with offering Stablesats. There is also ongoing development of the open source Stablesats project aimed at adding additional exchanges, which will further de-risk the product.

Learn more about what we do to keep funds safe: Know your custodian

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Learn More

Do you want to know more about Stablesats?

Please check out the Stablesats website and our FAQ page where we deep dive into what Stablesats are. If you have any other questions, reach out to our team.

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