Blink (formerly Bitcoin Beach Wallet) launched in 2020 in El Zonte. Now, it's a favorite Lightning wallet of communities worldwide.

Miles Suter of Cash App buys BBQ Shrimp with Blink (then named Bitcoin Beach Wallet) in El Zonte in 2020
Born in El Zonte

The origin story

In 2020, Galoy founder Nicolas Burtey learned about efforts in Bitcoin Beach to build a circular Bitcoin economy. He reached out to Mike Peterson and team to work together on a Lightning wallet he was building. Within months, "Bitcoin Beach Wallet" was launched with the input of local merchants and individuals.

Now, we have renamed the wallet to Blink and are continuing to build with communities worldwide!

Read the full history of the wallet in Bitcoin Banking for Communities: Lessons learned from Bitcoin Beach

Our Team

Core based in Latin America, supported by a global Galoy development team
Juan Mayen
Regional Director
Tomas Campo
Compliance Officer
Nini Salinas
Customer Support
Rudy Gallardo
Beta testers
Community heroes

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