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Experience the convenience of zero fees for intraledger payments, low-cost Lightning transactions, and strategically managed on-chain fees. Convert bitcoin to a stable USD equivalent with Stablesats, cheap and fast.
$0 fee intraledger payments

Zero fees Blink-to-Blink!

Transactions between two Blink users are considered internal (or, “intraledger”) and are processed without any additional charges. However, when sending bitcoin to external wallets, regular network fees may apply depending on the type of transaction (on-chain or Lightning)

Fast and cheap transactions

Low-cost Lightning transactions

The transaction fees vary depending on the type of transaction. 

For sending Lightning payments, a routing fee may be paid to Lightning node operators. These fees are paid by the sender. There are no extra fees charged by Blink.

Similarly, when you receive a Lightning transaction in your Blink wallet, there is no fee charged to you by Blink. Generally, fees for Lightning payments are very inexpensive. They could be as low as a few sats or even zero if Blink has a direct channel. In other cases, fees can be a little bit higher depending on market conditions, the wallet you’re using and the connectivity of the nodes that your payment is routed through.

Blink works to keep on-chain fees low

On-chain bitcoin payments

Blink on-chain transaction fees are composed of miner fees and fees retained by Blink.

1. Miner fee: this fee is paid according to the current mempool state and not retained by Blink.
2. Deposits: 0% fee for deposits over 1,000,000 sats. 5,000 sats fee for deposits less than 1,000,000 sats.
3. Withdrawals: 10,000 sat fee to Blink for typical use. 0.5% fee added for users with LN/on-chain imbalance.

When on-chain transaction fees rise and your transaction doesn't get confirmed in the next 6 blocks after broadcast, Blink works its magic by automatically boosting your transaction's fee using Child-Pays-For-Parent in the next batch (Blink pays the difference!).

You can always find the latest fee details on the FAQ

When you don’t want volatility, use Stablesats

Stablesats: BTC to fiat for a 0.2% spread!

Stablesats is a unique feature offered by Blink that allows users to convert Bitcoin to a USD equivalent account in the wallet. This is especially helpful for users who may be concerned about the short-term volatility of Bitcoin. Stablesats are kept constant in value using a derivatives trading strategy to create "synthetic USD".

Converting from Bitcoin to Stablesats or vice versa incurs a 0.20% spread. This makes Stablesats one of the most inexpensive methods of transferring between bitcoin and fiat

Learn more: blink.sv/stablesats

Convert Bitcoin to USD with Stablecoins in Blink wallet
Stablesats meme
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