Blink Circles

Bitcoin adoption is a team sport. With Blink Circles you can track progress, challenge friends and even earn prizes as you welcome people to Bitcoin with Blink.

Track your Bitcoin adoption progress

What is Circles?

Circles is your personal dashboard for tracking progress as you introduce friends, family and strangers to the magic of Bitcoin and Lightning with Blink. Not only can you celebrate your personal efforts and compete with friends, you can participate in challenges to earn sats, SWAG, conference tickets and more!
Welcome newbies to grow your circles!

How it works

Circles grow when a new Blink user receives their first sats from another Blink user.

You have two main stats in circles: Inner Circle, Outer Circle. These stats represent your direct efforts as well as the efforts of people you welcomed! 
Inner Circle: This number represents the number of people you have welcomed (the Blink users who received their first sats from you)
Outer Circle: People welcomed by those connected to you and your circles. If somebody in your inner circle welcomes a new Blink user, they will be added to your outer circle. And on, and on! 
Blink wallet home screen showing bitcoin account and Stablesats Dollar account

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