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A powerful, cost-effective, and reliable solution for easily integrating Bitcoin into your projects, regardless of your experience level.

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Blink API
Simple, reliable Bitcoin & Lightning payments

About the Blink API

Unlock the power of the Lightning Network quickly and reliably with the hosted GraphQL API built on reliable open source infrastructure from Galoy. Enable onchain and Layer two Lightning payments denominated in bitcoin or USD in just minutes!
Unleash the benefits of Bitcoin & Lightning

Feature overview

Lightning payments give the power of low-cost instant settlement to every business in the world. With the Blink API you can quickly enable Lightning and onchain payments for your business to unlock:
Instant transactions: No waiting for funds to arrive
Final settlement: No more chargebacks
Reduce costs: Save 2-5%  vs. credit cards
Micropayments: Transactions as small as a satoshi
Interoperability: permissionless payment network
Blink API
API integration made easy

Interactive tutorials

Sending and receiving Bitcoin and Stablesats via API is simple whether over Lightning or onchain. Check out these simple interactive tutorials:
Send Stablesats USD (Lightning | Onchain)
Receive Stablesats USD (Lightning | Onchain)
Send BTC (Lightning | Onchain)
Receive BTC (Lightning | Onchain)
Blink API interactive tutorials

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