Bitcoin Atlantis: A Beacon for Bitcoin Adoption

Read all about our mission to transform Bitcoin Atlantis into a showcase for the practical use of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Atlantis: A Beacon for Bitcoin Adoption
March 20, 2024

In the vibrant surroundings of Madeira, during the recent Bitcoin Atlantis conference, Blink stood at the forefront of a groundbreaking initiative. Partnering with BTCPayServer and Bitcoinize, we embarked on a mission to transform the conference into a showcase for the practical, everyday use of Bitcoin. Our goal was straightforward yet ambitious: to equip all merchants at the event with the ability to accept Lightning payments, propelling Bitcoin's role as a true medium of exchange.

The Bitcoin Atlantis conference, set against the backdrop of Madeira's stunning landscapes, was more than just a meeting of minds. It was a celebration of Bitcoin's potential to empower individuals and businesses worldwide. With over 3000 attendees, 200 speakers, and a multitude of workshops and events, the stage was set for a truly innovative payment experiment.

A Collaborative Triumph

Our collaboration saw the seamless integration of Bitcoin into the fabric of the conference. Over three days, 18 merchants and 60 point-of-sale devices facilitated a staggering 8750 transactions, totaling more than 2.029416 BTC (€115,100). This was not just a demonstration of Bitcoin's utility but a testament to its growing acceptance and ease of use.

The success of this endeavor was underpinned by several key innovations and collaborative efforts:

- Dedicated BTCPay Server Instance: A reliable payment system capable of handling large transaction volumes without interruptions, leveraging the Lightning Network for instant and low-cost settlements.

- Blink's Lightning Wallet Integration: Simplifying liquidity issues and channel management, our collaboration provided merchants a streamlined, user-friendly, and secure payment experience.

- Bitcoinize Point of Sale Devices: These specialized terminals, optimized for BTCPay Server and equipped with NFC and receipt printing capabilities, made transactions as easy as traditional card payments.

- BoltCards Introduction: By CoinCorner, these NFC-enabled cards mirrored the familiarity and convenience of credit cards, easing the adoption curve for attendees new to Bitcoin.

The collective effort made Bitcoin payments accessible, fast, and familiar to everyone at the conference, from seasoned Bitcoiners to newcomers.

Merchant and Customer Feedback: A Resounding Approval

The feedback from merchants and customers alike was overwhelmingly positive. All participating merchants expressed willingness to accept Bitcoin again, with 80% reporting a positive reaction from customers. The speed of transactions was particularly praised, showcasing the efficiency and reliability of the Lightning infrastructure established for the event.

Looking Ahead: A Future Embraced with Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Atlantis conference was more than just an event; it was a proof of concept for the widespread adoption of Bitcoin as a payment method. It demonstrated that with the right tools and collaboration, Bitcoin could indeed serve as a medium of exchange accessible to all.

As we reflect on the success of Bitcoin Atlantis, we're inspired to continue our mission. Blink, alongside BTCPayServer and Bitcoinize, is committed to breaking down barriers and enhancing the user experience in the Bitcoin ecosystem. We believe in a future where Bitcoin is not just an investment but a currency for everyday transactions.

For an in-depth look at this groundbreaking event and our collaborative efforts, we invite you to read the blog and explore the full case study published by BTCPayServer: Bitcoin Atlantis Case Study.

Together, we are paving the way for Bitcoin's future – making accessible digital payments a reality for all in true Bitcoin fashion: the entire software stack employed in this endeavor is open source. 


The Bitcoin Atlantis conference has set a new benchmark for Bitcoin adoption and use in real-world scenarios. Through our joint efforts, we have demonstrated that Bitcoin is ready for the mainstream – efficient, accessible, and secure for both merchants and consumers. As we move forward, Blink remains dedicated to fostering an environment where Bitcoin is not just an asset but a viable and preferred method of payment for everyday transactions around the globe.

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