Blink Debuts its Bitcoin & Lightning API

Unlocking Simple, Reliable Global Payments for Businesses

Blink Debuts its Bitcoin & Lightning API
November 6, 2023
Blink Team

San Salvador, El Salvador – Building on its strong foundation in the Lightning space, Blink (formerly known as Bitcoin Beach Wallet) has unveiled an API to enable seamless adoption of Bitcoin by organizations. The API prioritizes simplicity, dependability, and cost savings in Bitcoin transactions. With the integration of Stablesats synthetic USD, businesses can leverage the benefits of the Bitcoin and Lightning Network without being exposed to Bitcoin's short-term price fluctuations.

Features and advantages of the Blink API:

  • Proven reliability: With a track record spanning over three years, Blink provides reliable performance with uptime that stands on par with top industry standards (view uptime at This reliability is bolstered by robust liquidity and an excellent payment success rate, assuring businesses of a dependable and uninterrupted service experience.
  • Simple to use: The intuitive API dashboard is available at It allows for rapid deployment and simplification of digital transactions without requiring provision and management of liquidity.
  • USD denominations via Stablesats: Transactions with Blink can utilize Stablesats synthetic USD, combining stablecoin-like volatility protection with the added benefits of lower costs and seamless integration with the Lightning Network. (For more detail, see 
  • Low cost payments: Blink’s competitive pricing structure is not only favorable compared to traditional fiat payment networks but also sets a new standard for affordability within the Lightning API ecosystem.
  • Intraledger Blink-to-Blink transactions: No fee
  • Outgoing Lightning: Only pay routing fees, on average 0.05%
  • Onchain deposit: 0% for payments over 1M sats
  • Stablesats USD to BTC conversion: 0.2% spread
  • Future-proof growth: Built on Galoy’s robust open-source infrastructure, Blink empowers businesses with the ability to transition to self-hosting in their own environment, ensuring scalability and adaptability as business needs evolve.

With simplicity, reliability, and affordability at its core, the Blink API stands ready to empower the next wave of Bitcoin users with instant global payments. Businesses and builders interested in unlocking the benefits of Bitcoin and Lightning for payments can visit to learn more and get started.

About Blink

Blink (formerly known as Bitcoin Beach Wallet) is a Bitcoin Lightning wallet built for bottom-up Bitcoin adoption. With built-in education, stablesats for volatility management and a robust set of merchant features, Blink is a preferred wallet of communities, individuals and businesses looking to use Bitcoin for everyday payments. The recently launched Blink API makes integrating Lightning payments into websites and applications simple, reliable and cost-effective. Learn more at

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