Carnivore in Salvador - cost of life in Berlín, Usulutan

Cost of life and an honest review of living in the Bitcoin City - Berlín (Salvador)

Carnivore in Salvador - cost of life in Berlín, Usulutan
January 9, 2024

Congratulations on your journey to El Salvador, the "holy land" of bitcoin. After exploring the historic center of San Salvador, surfing on the Bitcoin Beach, and relishing the flavors of pupusas, what's next?

Consider venturing to the small mountain town of Berlín, nestled in the municipality of Usulutan, in eastern El Salvador. A scenic 3-hour drive from El Zonte, this town sits within the caldera of a dormant volcano. Offering consistently pleasant temperatures year-round, pristine air, and views that outshine even the beach sunsets.

What's the cost of living there? 

One of the striking aspects of Berlín is its embrace of Bitcoin. Over 80 local businesses actively accept it and more and more are joining. Curious about what you can acquire and at what cost?

Monday - Beef steak

11,800 SAT / $4.70

Tuesday - Pork ribs 

6,760 SAT / $2.70

Wednesday - Ground beef “tacos”

9,510 SAT / $3.80 

I accidentally bought local tortillas. I don't recommend. 

Thursday - Chicken leg

6,510 SAT / $2.60

Friday - Guacamole (totally carnivore I know)

11,200 SAT / $4.20

Pro tip: the best guacamole is the simplest one, no onion, no tomato, no chilly. Go heavy on garlic and lime. 

SATurday - Ground beef 

11,200 SAT / $4.20

Sunday - Beef chop

11,500 SAT / $4.60

All the ingredients were purchased directly from local stores for btc. 

Most of the meats were locally raised and sourced from my favorite Carnicería Sagrado Corazon

How local you ask? 

credit: @njelsalvador


When it comes to expenses, the primary investment is often accommodation. For instance, securing a private room boasting those stunning views sets you back approximately 900k SAT ($360) per month. Similarly, flats catering to multiple individuals are available at comparable prices.

Come and try living in the clouds 

The local Bitcoin community has truly spearheaded something unique here, and their innovation shows no signs of slowing down. On the contrary, they're forging ahead with new developments and ideas.

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