Introducing the Blink Plugin for BTCPay Server: Streamlining Lightning Payments

Big news for BTCPay Server users: the Blink Plugin is here!

Introducing the Blink Plugin for BTCPay Server: Streamlining Lightning Payments
January 4, 2024

Big news for BTCPay Server users: the Blink Plugin is here! This is a game-changer for merchants looking to tap into Lightning payments more easily. Developed through a community-driven bounty, this is a prime example of what we achieve together in the open-source bitcoin world.


In our mission at Blink to enhance the Bitcoin payment experience, we've identified a common hurdle: the complexity of leveraging Lightning transactions for merchants using BTCPay Server. Running a Lightning Node or depending on third-party, often hobbyist custodians has been a significant barrier, especially for non-technical users. To address this, we've collaborated with the BTCPay Server team to create a seamless solution – the Blink Plugin.

The Blink Plugin: Streamlining Lightning Payments with Practical Benefits

Simple, powerful, and integrated: the Blink Plugin connects your Blink account to BTCPay Server, sidestepping the need for a Lightning Node. It’s all about making Lightning payments straightforward and accessible.

Key Benefits:

  • Hassle-Free Management: Ditch the complexity of running a Lightning Node. The Blink Plugin is custodial, handling liquidity management for you. It's simple: connect your Blink account to BTCPay Server and manage Lightning payments with ease. No technical deep dives needed.
  • Stable Value with Stablesats: Worried about Bitcoin's volatility? Choose Stablesats in Blink and tie the value of your sats to the US Dollar. This feature lets you receive payments in a stable value form, giving you peace of mind and financial stability in a fluctuating market.
  • Lightning Payments for All: We're tearing down technical barriers to make Lightning payments accessible to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you're new to Bitcoin or a seasoned merchant; the Blink Plugin is designed for easy adoption, expanding the reach of Lightning payments across the community.

Our goal with the Blink Plugin is clear: Make Lightning transactions straightforward and inclusive. Join us in embracing this next step in Bitcoin payments.

Introducing the Blink Plugin for BTCPay Server! A groundbreaking integration making Lightning payments easier than ever.

Thanks to @BtcFrankenstein for this fantastic teaser!

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How It Works

Here’s how you get started:

  • Install: Begin by adding the Blink Plugin to your BTCPay Server, ensuring it's version 1.12.1 or higher.
  • Select Bitcoin or Stablesats: In your Blink mobile app, specify your default account – choose between Bitcoin or Stablesats. 
  • Key Generation: Create a READ+RECEIVE-only Blink API key via your Blink dashboard. This is a crucial security feature. The READ+RECEIVE-only nature of the key means that even if you use Blink on a third-party BTCPay Server instance, your funds remain secure. Even in the hands of a malicious server admin, your funds cannot be moved, offering you peace of mind. 
  • Link Up: Finally, connect your Blink account to your BTCPay Server Store. Navigate to ‘Lightning > Settings > Custom Node’ and enter your Blink API key with the connection string “type=blink;api-key=blink_…”

Ready to go! You're now set to receive Lightning payments directly to your chosen Blink account. For detailed steps, check out our Blink Plugin documentation.

User Benefits

This isn’t just a technical tweak. It’s a way to make handling Bitcoin transactions simpler and smarter. Quick, efficient, and less tech-heavy.

Looking Ahead

We’re not stopping here. Expect regular updates to the Blink Plugin, driven by your feedback and the evolving needs of the community.


The Blink Plugin bridges BTCPay Server with Blink, uniting two open source powerhouses in the Bitcoin sphere. Dive in and see how it transforms your payment processing experience. Download Blink now to your iOS or Android phone and create your account with just a phone number in 2 minutes. Receiving Lightning payments has never been easier!

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Developer's Corner: Elevate Your Apps with Blink API

Harness the Blink API to integrate Lightning payments seamlessly into your apps, just like the Blink Plugin for BTCPay. Ideal for e-commerce, payment gateways, and innovative Bitcoin applications.
Effortless Integration: User-friendly API, with comprehensive documentation. 
Secure and Adaptable: Ensures safe transactions and supports both Bitcoin and Stablesats.
Build Your Own Solutions: Follow the path of the Blink Plugin to create custom integrations for your apps.
Get started with our Blink API documentation and explore the possibilities.
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