Bitcoin Payments from Europe to Kenya with Blink

Explore Kirubai's journey with Bitcoin payments via Blink from Europe to Kenya, enabling instant, secure transactions.

Bitcoin Payments from Europe to Kenya with Blink
January 11, 2024

Kirubai was born on the coastal shores of Mombasa, Kenya. He has studied Cryptocurrency Trading and SEO marketing. He also works for an international bitcoin educator and investment organization DCA Signals.

“I believe bitcoin has the potential to bring together the world financially in a transparent and friendly manner.” 

“My employer gets to pay me in bitcoin from Europe to Kenya instantly.”

Kirubai, currently immersed in the realm of finance studies, is also actively engaged in the digital currency sphere, particularly with Bitcoin. In his role with a Bitcoin-focused organization headquartered in Europe, he has the option to receive his compensation in Bitcoin or any other preferred cryptocurrency. 

Opting for Bitcoin payment was an easy decision for Kirubai, driven by the seamless transaction experience and the decentralization aspect that distinguishes Bitcoin.

For Kirubai, the appeal of Bitcoin extends beyond its technological advantages. He sees it as a safeguard against the inflationary powers of governments, providing a means of financial security for hardworking individuals like himself. 

With a background spanning six years in the content writing sector, Kirubai leverages his expertise to curate diverse content. His strategy involves employing SEO techniques to generate organic traffic for emerging companies eager to connect with potential clients.

It's worth noting that Kirubai's preference for Bitcoin payment is facilitated through the Blink Lightning Wallet, underscoring his commitment to the ease and freedom that Bitcoin transactions offer, free from centralized governing authorities.

He has been getting paid in bitcoin by his recent employer “I find getting paid via the lightning network convenient and fast. The money gets to me instantly from all the way from Europe and I can spend it in any way I feel like.”

“I pay for my Wi-fi connection using bitcoin”

Kirubai uses the bitcoin he gets paid with to offset his internet subscription bills. “My internet service provider is a fellow youth who appreciates the value bitcoin provides in terms of trustworthiness and convenience.” Kirubai’s internet provider uses the blink lightning wallet for the settlement of owed bills.

Bitcoin enables Kirubai to transact and settle his bills with his internet service provider and further his SEO work online and promote DCA Signals. It also enables him to execute his trades in the cryptocurrency markets. “Bitcoin enables me to stay online and keep creating content that guides new investors on their bitcoin investment journey.”  

“Bitcoin gives Kenyan freelancers the ease of going global”

Kirubai has spoken about the freedom bitcoin offers as a payment method to young Kenyan freelancers who provide their services globally. “I can work from my home in Kenya, provide services to clients from anyone around the world and get settled in bitcoin. It’s fantastic!” This gives Kirubai and other freelancers like him offer services globally and also spread the bitcoin gospel.

Kirubai shared stories about his country's history of financial instability, which has led to a generation of young people who sought financial freedom and safety in bitcoin. “The ordinary bank transaction costs make it hard for people to get the value for their payments.”

Kirubai believes in a future where there are more choices for how Kenyan freelancers can earn and spend. “I think bitcoin has the potential to really level up the earning field for freelancers and removes barriers for people to work worldwide. This is through bitcoin giving them access to global, convenient financial services.

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