Introducing Blink Circles: Driving Bitcoin Adoption Together

Track and share your progress as you welcome new people to Bitcoin with Blink, and earn rewards for your efforts!

Introducing Blink Circles: Driving Bitcoin Adoption Together
August 31, 2023
Blink Team

Hey Blink Community!

We believe in pushing Bitcoin adoption from the bottom-up, and today we're excited to introduce Blink Circles: a feature to make welcoming new people to Bitcoin even more fun and rewarding.

What is Blink Circles?

Bitcoin adoption is a team sport – it takes patience, persistence and collaboration. But how do you get feedback, or track your progress? That's where Blink Circles comes in. 

Blink Circles allows you to keep a record of your efforts in spreading the word about Bitcoin and Blink. The more people you welcome to the Blink app, the more your circles grow. Think of it as visual feedback of the impact you’re making on introducing Bitcoin to your community. 

Be the first to send sats to new Blink users and watch your circles grow!

How Does It Work?

In the Blink app, you’ll notice that we’ve updated the “Contacts” tab in the bottom navigation to “People.” Tap People, then “View my Circles” to find your dashboard. Here’s a quick breakdown of how to read and use your circles:

  • Inner Circle: Every time you welcome someone new by sending them their first sats via Blink, they join your inner circle. 
  • Outer Circle: As your welcomed members start introducing Blink to others, your outer circle expands. 
  • Share your circles: Don’t keep your proof of work to yourself. Tap “Share your circles” to inspire (or challenge) others to join you. Showcase your contribution, invite friends, and let's together accelerate the adoption of Bitcoin! Tag #blinkcircles so we can help promote your work!

The September Challenge

To kick off the launch of Blink Circles, we're inviting you to be part of our exciting September Challenge:

Expand your inner circle by 21 members this month and share your circles dashboard on social media and we'll credit $21 straight to your Stablesats dollar account! Make sure to tag us and use #blinkcircles hashtag in your social posts (details in FAQ).

Up the ante! The top 3 champions who grow their inner circle the most in September will secure tickets to the Adopting Bitcoin conference happening in Bitcoin Country (El Salvador) from November 7-9, 2023. Learn more about the conference at

How to Get Started?

Whether you're new to Blink or you've been with us since the days of Bitcoin Beach Wallet, here's how you can dive into Blink Circles:

  • Navigate to the 'People' tab in your app and tap the new “Invite a friend” feature for a link or QR to share the Blink app.
  • After your friends have the app and set their username, have them share their Paycode, Lightning Address or a Lightning invoice with you. They can find these by tapping "Receive"
  • Send them some sats and voila – watch your circle grow!

Make sure to tag Blink on your preferred social media platform so we can support and cheer your efforts:

More Questions?

Hop into the Blink Circles FAQs to explore the feature and September Challenge in more detail. You can also join the Blink Telegram chat to connect with the team and ask any remaining questions. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let's start welcoming, sharing, and uniting as we paint the world orange. We can't wait to celebrate your Bitcoin adoption efforts!

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