Exploring the Origins of Bitcoin Adoption in Haiti

While Haiti is going through difficult times, the spark of hope continues to shine. Learn about the story behind Yes Bitcoin Haiti, the Bitcoin community making a difference in Haiti, and gain insights on how Bitcoin is offering solutions.

Exploring the Origins of Bitcoin Adoption in Haiti
May 7, 2024

Introduction: A Call to Action for Bitcoin Adoption

Once renowned for its tranquil tropical beauty, Haiti has tragically transformed into a dangerous battlefield. Rampant insecurity plagues the nation, leaving countless children orphaned by gang violence. Fleeing to neighboring villages has become a necessity for many, as living in towns has become increasingly risky. However, amidst this chaos, a group of Bitcoiners has emerged, offering support to the surviving Haitians by empowering them with Bitcoin through education and adoption initiatives. In this blog post, we will explore "The Revolution of Haiti" and shed light on how Bitcoin adoption has come to the country. If you're ready to delve into Haiti's revolution, I urge you to dim the lights, switch off the TV, and grab some popcorn. Just kidding haha, let's dive in already!


Recent Events in Haiti: A Catalyst for Change

As of March 2024, the crisis in Haiti has reached unprecedented levels due to widespread gang violence activities. 

A whopping sum of 5.5 million people, including 3 million children, are in urgent need of support.

The year 2024, has become one of the worst years for Haitians as it experiences a continuous increase in inflation, poverty, crime, financial instability and other violence caused by armed groups battling for territory— particularly in Port-au-Prince and Artibonite.

Haitians have come under attack. 

This violence has forced over 15,000 people to flee their homes in just one week, seeking safety with relatives and friends. Gangs are now targeting residential areas, adding to the fear and instability.

About 80% of Port-au-Prince is controlled by these gangs, even the international airport is closed due to the situation. The looting at Haiti's main port has worsened the scarcity of crucial supplies like fuel, water, and food, making the food crisis even more severe.

Living in Haiti: Overcoming Challenges in Turbulent Times

Living in Haiti hasn't been easy due to the recent events, as explained earlier.

The question everyone must ask is: What is it like to live in Haiti? And the answer to that is, living in Haiti is tough.

Haitians grapple with inflation, cash and bank problems, financial instability, feeling unsafe even just walking around and economic hardship. The situation is dire, with Haiti on the edge of a hunger emergency.

Thousands of people are trying to escape to the neighboring Dominican Republic through unofficial channels. Families, especially children, urgently need shelter, food, water, and medical care. Immediate action is necessary to prevent further suffering and loss of life.

It's truly challenging for Haitians right now. Read below to have more understanding about the challenges Haitians face.

Yet, amidst these trials, there is hope. As a group of Bitcoiners worldwide, moved by compassion, have launched an initiative called Yes Bitcoin Haiti 

Yes Bitcoin Haiti: Illuminating a Path of Hope

Despite all the turmoil, there is hope for Haiti as the revolution for positive change is underway. Yes, Bitcoin Haiti represents this revolution, aiming to empower Haitians for good. With the spirit of Satoshi and a passion for Bitcoin, they strive to spread knowledge of Bitcoin to every person in Haiti. With a clear mission to empower the Haitian community by raising awareness and providing education about Bitcoin, their goal is to create opportunities for financial freedom and empowerment for all of Haiti.

Unraveling the Background Story of Bitcoin in Haiti

Yes Bitcoin Haiti is led by Phanor Mendelking, who was born in the Grand-Anse department in Chambellan, Haiti.

Phanor was a graphic designer, professional driver, tourist guide, certified qualified supervisor, craftsman, and manager of small businesses. 

He lived in Port-au-Prince but was forced to flee to the Dominican Republic due to gang invasions in the area.. 

Life there was very intimidating for the Haitians, so he decided to return to his countryside—a region called Saint Michel de l'Attalaye—from October 2023 up to the present day.

He is also a father of three children, but unfortunately, they were forced to separate due to these problems. With the hope that working with Bitcoin will eventually reunite his family.

Phanor Mendelking

Inspired by Bitcoin knowledge and the ongoing chaos in Haiti, Phanor has become a passionate advocate for Bitcoin.

Initially, Phanor was unaware of Bitcoin's existence until his friend Armand orange pilled him a year and a few months ago. 

Since then, Phanor has developed a burning passion for Bitcoin, and with the support of fellow Bitcoiners, he aims to empower Haiti through Bitcoin.

Phanor Mendelking: Celebrating Recent Triumphs and Reflecting on Regrets

Currently, Phanor is taking a Bitcoin course at The Core Bitcoin Education by Felix Mukungu. Upon completing the online diploma, his aim is to share all that he has learned with the Haitian community.

When I asked Phanor about his biggest wins and regrets, here's what he had to say: “My greatest victory at the moment is establishing connections with various Bitcoin Africa brothers and participating in the Bitcoin Education diploma program. This provides me with a platform to better educate Haitians about Bitcoin. However, my greatest regret is not being able to find a platform to help Haitians buy and sell Bitcoin conveniently within Haiti.” As Phanor and his allies work towards bringing change to Haiti, you can follow their progress and learn more about the program on their Geyser Grant Project.

Bitcoin Empowering Haiti's Future: A Transformative Force

Haiti has endured immense hardships for decades, intensified by corrupt practices within numerous NGOs and government officials, and a crippling 34 percent inflation rate that has eroded public trust and financial stability.

And Bitcoin offers hope, providing financial inclusion, efficient transactions, global market access, and empowerment through education.

Join the Cause: Be Part of Haiti's Bitcoin Revolution

Currently, Yes Bitcoin Haiti is planning on establishing a Bitcoin office space in Haiti where individuals can seek guidance on Bitcoin-related queries and facilitate Bitcoin transactions for the Haitian community. 

In addition, Yes Bitcoin Haiti is striving to establish a recreational centre tailored to cater for the needs of children affected by mental health issues and orphans within the local community due to gang violence.

Bitcoin Is Revolution, but what good is the Revolution if Haitians are not part of it?

Bitcoin serves as a beacon of hope for Haiti, offering:

  • Financial Inclusion: As Haitians struggle with financial issues—limited money withdrawal, transfer delays, bank failures, and a limited supply of cash that restricts financial services to the unbanked population—Bitcoin is the surest hope for financial freedom for all of Haiti.
  • Efficient Transactions: When transferring money from abroad to Haiti, the cost of money transfer fees is high, getting the money is the hardest part because of the limited cash situation Haitians are experiencing.  However, by utilising the Lightning Network of Bitcoin, money transfers in Haiti are  faster and the costs significantly lower, making life easier for all Haitians.
  • Global Market Access: Bitcoin will Provide an avenue for Haitians to participate in the global economy, and would provide them with a reliable financial infrastructure.
  • Empowerment through Education: Yes Bitcoin Haiti aims to prioritize Bitcoin education, which will foster greater financial literacy and understanding of digital economies. This initiative will equip Haitians with the knowledge to make informed financial decisions.

Yes Bitcoin Haiti cannot accomplish its mission alone; Your support is vital to bring hope to Haiti's orphans, victims of gang violence, and all those affected by the Economic crisis.

Despite facing challenges, they need assistance. Haitians need your support. Yes Bitcoin Haiti is fighting for a cause beyond the government's reach

Here's how you can help:

  • Donate: Every contribution, no matter how small, can make a difference. Consider donating to Yes Bitcoin Haiti to support their initiatives and projects aimed at empowering Haitians through Bitcoin education and adoption.
  • Spread Awareness: Share this blog post and information about Yes Bitcoin Haiti on social media platforms, forums, and with your network. The more people who know about their mission, the greater impact they can make.
  • Volunteer: If you have skills or expertise in areas such as education, technology, or community outreach, consider volunteering your time and resources to support Yes Bitcoin Haiti's initiatives on the ground.
  • Join the Movement: Be part of the revolution for positive change in Haiti. Stay updated on Yes Bitcoin Haiti's progress, events, and campaigns, and join their community to show your solidarity with the Haitian people.

Your support can help transform lives and create lasting changes in Haiti. You can support their project via Geyser contributing to changing the lives of every Haitian with Bitcoin.

Together, let's empower Haitians for a brighter future!

Thank you for being part of the revolution.

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