How Bitcoin Adoption Came To The Caribbean

Dive into Dread's tale: a Jamaican patriot behind Flash, a revolutionary Bitcoin wallet for the Caribbean. Amid economic strife, his vision blends traditional finance with digital currency, offering innovative solutions

How Bitcoin Adoption Came To The Caribbean
March 27, 2024

"A selfless patriot, inspired by his hometown crisis, recognized the need for Bitcoin among his people. Consequently, he embarked on a mission to launch a new Bitcoin wallet for them.”

In the fast-moving world of digital currency, where things change rapidly, there's a growing need for a new approach to centralization. As transactions in The Caribbean are mainly centralized, Flash stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence. As we embark on this journey, we invite you to delve into the captivating narrative of Dread, the visionary mind behind Flash, and explore the remarkable stories, insights and wins that propelled the company forward.

In this blog post, we will unveil the journey of Dread, the founder of Flash: a tale of innovation and excellence in the Bitcoin world...

Online Investment Opportunity: The Origin Story

It all began with Dread, a selfless patriot  and also a native of Jamaica who came from a family of engineers, working as a technician in the US. He first heard about Bitcoin in his earlier years, back in 2014, while at work with his colleagues.

Just like many folks, they were initially not interested in Bitcoin. However, after a series of price fluctuations in Bitcoin by 2017, he became more convinced that Bitcoin was an opportunity to invest. So, as a novice, he bought a lot of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. However, he later became disheartened because he was ultimately stumped by the volatility of Bitcoin and the other cryptos.

Determined to go the extra mile to understand what Bitcoin truly was, dread started by reading the Bitcoin Whitepaper, which opened his eyes as he gradually grasped the purpose of Bitcoin. So, by 2018, he had continued learning more, conducting research, and eventually began teaching many people about Bitcoin. Even to this day, he works with Bitcoin-based companies as a programming expert.

Sharing Bitcoin with the World 

When asked about his first orange pill moment, Dread said, "Initially, I didn't introduce anyone to Bitcoin as I didn't fully understand it myself. But later, I attempted to orange pill with my friends in the US, yet they weren't interested. It wasn't until I discussed it with my lovely wife that she agreed. So yeah, my wife was my first orange pill."

From there, it expanded to all parts of the world, from El Salvador to the Caribbean and beyond. Through Dreads’ early podcast called One Love Podcast, he connected Bitcoin to every part of the world using this platform . Dread literally accomplished that. Additionally, he contributed significantly to the programming and development of numerous open-source technologies.

The Mission: Flash Was Made

In 2019, before COVID-19, Dread was in Kingston, Jamaica, establishing a game company called The Escape Room. Operations were progressing smoothly until the unforeseen emergence of the global pandemic, which resulted in economic instability and forced the closure of The Escape Room. However, something unusual happened. Dread felt a lot of pain and suffering among his people in the Caribbean, especially as the winds of economic crisis arose due to the instability caused by this incident (COVID-19).

With a selfless heart and a patriotic heart, Dread was inspired to alleviate his people from the economic crisis permanently. So he embarked on relentless research once more, dedicating himself to finding solutions for the betterment of his hometown. While toiling every day and night, researching for solutions, he finally discovered a solution. However, along the way, he realized there was also a problem…

This is where Flash comes in to address the problem and provide a solution for his community's economic challenges.

Flash Uses Galoy Open Source Stack

The solution to all of the Caribbean's economic problems is Bitcoin. However, the problem was that Caribbeans weren't generally accepting Bitcoin, but the few who accepted Bitcoin always encountered issues when it came to off-ramping and on-ramping their assets.

After identifying the problem and finding the solution, Dread proceeded to connect all this to his first-ever Bitcoin company called Flash. Through Flash, Leveraging Galoy Open Source Stack, to connect all of the Caribbean, bridging the gap and facilitating the adoption of Bitcoin in the region.

Dread was thrilled to reach out to the team so that he could collaborate on a project with them. He replicated the Blink open-source software to develop Flash, a Lightning Wallet similar to Blink. However, his goals extended beyond merely accumulating Bitcoin; he sought to enable off-ramp and on-ramp transactions in the Caribbean. Furthermore, he initiated partnerships with various Caribbean businesses to promote and expand off-ramp and on-ramp services throughout the Caribbean.

Flash is a groundbreaking and highly advanced wallet with a unique feature: it combines both a custodial and non-custodial wallet into one. This 2-in-1 functionality sets it apart, offering users the convenience and security of both types of wallets in a single platform.

Big Shout out: Special Thanks 

Before a big shout-out from the maker of Flash, Dread would like to promote a documentary called "No More Inflation” from Bitcoin Shooter. Also, watch out for the launching of Flash which would launch from Jamaica to all of the Caribbean in the .

Now, Dread would love to give a big shoutout to Galoy helped the flash project by creating great open source code, to Breez contributed by making non-custodial lightning easy to develop

IBEX helped out by providing custodial bitcoin and lightning services.

Additionally, Dread extends heartfelt gratitude to his family as a significant source of support and motivation throughout his journey. While the date for Flash's public launch isn't set yet, keep an eye out because it's scheduled for Q3 of this year. Stay tuned for further updates and exciting developments on Flash's journey.

If you'd love to reach out you can through


Twitter: @LNFlash


While Flash continues its mission, it greatly appreciates additional support. If you're inclined to contribute, donations are welcome via Bitcoin, Lightning, and Zaps on Nostr. You can also reach out to Dread directly for donation inquiries at Your generosity will help propel Flash's efforts further and make a meaningful difference in the community.

If you want to delve deeper into the questions directed towards Dread regarding Flash, be sure to check out the FAQ section for more detailed information.


When would Flash be Officially Launched?

Well, in just two weeks Flash would be out for all of the Caribbean.

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But since Flash is a Lightning Wallet,  what sets it apart? 

Tho, there are no competitors for Flash yet, Flash is more like a fintech that would be a source of money mobilization in the Caribbean. 

Does Flash have any competitors?

No, we are unique and specifically specialize in the adoption of Bitcoin in the Caribbean. Our Wallet speaks Caribbean culture intensively and also provides a means of on-ramping and off-ramping.

How would Flash ensure Customer satisfaction?

We would ensure customers' satisfaction by constantly asking for feedback.

What quick review have you had while telling people about Flash?

Every single soul whom we told about Flash loved it and urgently demanded it get released soon.

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