News, how-tos, & stories from the front lines of Bitcoin adoption.

Introducing Blink Circles: Driving Bitcoin Adoption Together

September 12, 2023
Track and share your progress as you welcome new people to Bitcoin with Blink, and earn rewards for your efforts!
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Types of Bitcoin Payments: On-Chain, Lightning Invoices, and Paycodes

August 7, 2023
This article provides a straightforward guide to three primary Bitcoin transaction types available to you in the Blink bitcoin and Lightning wallet: on-chain addresses, lightning invoices, and Paycodes (also known as LNURL-pay QR codes).
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A Day Without Fiat in Panajachel, Guatemala

June 20, 2023
Follow Andrej on his one day in Panajachel, lake Atitlan, paying whole day with just bitcoin.
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Introducing Blink

June 1, 2023
Bitcoin Beach Wallet gets a new name, new features for bottom-up bitcoin adoption
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